Malomir is the Group’s largest asset by Reserves and Resources with approximately 90% of the Reserve base categorised as refractory ore. Completing the POX Hub, which is scheduled for the end of 2018, will unlock material value embedded within the existing defined asset base and extend the expected life of mine to greater than 16 years, with untapped resource potential within the 964km2 licence area.

Deposit type: Hard rock with both non-refractory and refractory ore (mostly refractory).
Mining: Currently open pit. Underground mining to commence H2 2017.
Processing: RIP plant on site. Currently only non refractory ore is being processed.
Development history: Acquired in 2003 as a greenfield project. Today one of the largest gold mines in Russia in terms of mineral resources.
Reserves and resources: 7.06Moz



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